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Artur Gutkowski
Written by Artur Gutkowski


The Calendar offers powerful resource management features for bookings, timesheets, availability, vacations, and project visualization.

Access your Calendar by selecting it from the top menu.

The Calendar default view displays all your resources, including team members and basic resources, along with the listed projects on the left side of the screen. To switch to the project view, click on the Projects button.

Each resource on the Calendar has specific sections assigned to them by default, such as:

  • Bookings
  • Timesheets
  • Availability
  • Vacations
  • B/A - Bookings / Availability
  • T/A - Timesheets / Availability

Weekends and bank holidays are visually differentiated by appearing greyed out on the Calendar.

Navigation within the Calendar can be done by utilizing the arrows adjacent to the current date or by dragging the date section.

Adding elements to the Calendar is a straightforward process. Click on a selected day and drag to define the duration of your booking, time entry, availability, or vacation. A drawer will emerge to facilitate the entry of relevant details.

For guidance on managing different elements within the Calendar, please refer to the following sections of the documentation:

Conveniently, you can hover over the B/A (Bookings/Availability) and T/A (Timesheets/Availability) bars to obtain a quick overview of your team's workload. A solid grey bar indicates full booking or complete tracking of availability. A white bar signifies available time or less tracked time compared to availability. A red color denotes overbooking or recorded overtime by an individual.

Customize and filter your calendar view.

  1. Click on the icon between "Projects" and "Add Filter" at the top of the calendar.
  2. A drawer will appear, providing options for editing your views.
  3. Choose which elements should be visible on the calendar and rearrange their order as needed.

To apply filters, click on "Add Filter" and select the desired filter option:

  • To filter people based on availability, click on "Availability".
  • To filter bookings using specific tags, click on "Tags".
  • To filter people using custom fields, click on the desired custom field.

Once you have made the necessary adjustments and applied filters, click "Save View". Choose whether to save the view as a Private view or an Organization view. Private views are only visible to you, while Organization views are visible to all managers and owners.

Read more about calendar filters here.

Export the data

Exporting data from your calendar is a breeze. Simply click on the cloud icon located at the top right corner of your Calendar to export the schedule (bookings) and timesheets.

Access the calendar from your phone

Accessing the calendar on your mobile device is simple and convenient with the Teamdeck mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. Stay connected and browse the calendar effortlessly on the go. Explore the app's features and capabilities by referring to the provided documentation.