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Joanna Lesiewicz
Written by Joanna Lesiewicz


Download our free app to manage your work from anywhere

Download and access Teamdeck Mobile

The app is available for Android and iOS devices

Teamdeck for mobile allows you to extend Teamdeck’s features to your smartphone. You can track your working time, review timesheets and browse the calendar without having to access the web version of Teamdeck. 

Note: Teamdeck for mobile is only available to registered users of Teamdeck. Make sure that you’ve signed up on desktop before you try the mobile sign-in. 

In order to install the app, download it from:

Log in to the mobile app with your Teamdeck credentials. You’ll see a list of your today’s bookings, vacation periods or holidays. 

Users with Regular Team Member permissions will be able to view their own timesheet/calendar within the app. Managers and Owners can access their whole organization. Read more on roles in Teamdeck.

Learn more about using Teamdeck for mobile:

Track time with Teamdeck Mobile

Use a one-tap tracker or enter time entries by hand

Mobile time tracker:

Mobile time tracker is the easiest way to track time with Teamdeck. You just need to tap the screen when you start working and do it again when you’re done with the work. 

In order to start tracking time on mobile, open Teamdeck mobile app and select Time tracker from the menu. 

Then, click on the plus icon to add a time entry. Select the project you’re working on and click on the timer clock icon to open the time tracker. 

You can also add time entry manually, without having to track the time with this app. Simply enter the duration of your time entry in the Time field. 

Click on the play icon to start tracking time. Stop the tracker by clicking on the stop icon. When you stop the time, you’ll have to confirm your time entry and save it. This is when you can add tags to your entry or write down a description.

Edit or delete your time entries by clicking on them in the calendar view (choose Calendar in the menu). Then, click on details you want to edit and choose Save time entry. If you want to delete a given entry altogether, click Delete.

Teamdeck’s time tracker will remind you that you’re currently tracking time after 1 hour with no interaction. Additional reminders will be sent 8 and 24 hours from clicking the play button. 

Browse the calendar with Teamdeck Mobile

Find out what your current and future assignments are

Log in to the mobile app to check your calendar feed. 

You’ll be able to see:

If you’re a manager/owner of a given organization in Teamdeck, you can access the calendars of other team members as well.