Advice and answers from the Teamdeck Team

Joanna Lesiewicz
Written by Joanna Lesiewicz


Request vacations using Teamdeck.

You can see your vacations in the Calendar view, available from the top menu. They're displayed as yellow blocks in the Vacations row. 

When you hover over a vacation you can see a few elements:

  • Status can be Pending or Accepted.
  • View more opens a drawer with detailed info about this vacation (also available by clicking on a vacation).
  • Trash bin icon is where you can click if you want to delete this vacation.


As a regular team member you can request vacations and other types of time off directly from the app. There are different ways to do it:

Go to Settings > Vacations and click on the plus sign icon. Next, specify the start and end dates of your planned absence. When you’re done, click add vacation

When your vacation request is waiting for approval, you’ll see a pending label next to it on the list. Once it’s approved, you'll see the approved label. If it’s rejected, the vacation will disappear from the list.

Click on the bell icon in the top right corner of your app to check the status of your vacation requests.

You can also add vacations directly from the Calendar. Hover over the day you want the vacation period to start and click the plus icon that appears on hover. Then, hold and drag the vacation to the day you want it to finish. A drawer will appear where you can add more info about this vacation. 

First, decide who should receive your vacation request. By default, it will be sent to all managers.

The dates will already be preselected, but you can edit them. 

Fill out the obligatory period and reason fields: 

  • period - decide whether it’s a full day (8h) time off or a 4h one,
  • reason - select one of the vacation reasons configured for your organization. 

Additionally, you can add a description to your vacation.

When you’re done, click send request.

You can remove vacations from your calendar by clicking on the trash bin icon - visible when you hover over a vacation or click on it.


In the Vacations section in Settings you can also see a list of all of your time off periods categorized by different vacation reasons/types.