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Joanna Lesiewicz
Written by Joanna Lesiewicz


Add, edit and remove time entries to create a detailed timesheet.

The Calendar is where you can view, add, edit and remove recorded time entries for the projects your team is working on. 

By default, you can see a list of your resources there, with bookings, timesheets, availability and vacations for each resource. Learn how to customize and filter this view. 

Time entries are presented as colored blocks with daily durations and project names displayed on them. 

Add new time entries

You can add time entries right from the Calendar. Scroll to the person/resource you want to add the time entry to. Hover over the day you want your time entry to start and click the plus icon that appears on hover. Then, hold and drag the time entry to the day you want it to finish. A drawer will appear where you can add more info about your time entry. 

The person and dates will already be preselected, but you can edit that data. Pick a project this person have been working on and enter the time spent working on it. 

You’ll also get to decide to automatically skip weekends, vacations, bank holidays. If you decide to skip all of them, it means that when you add a new, long time entry, it will only add your it to the working days in your timesheet. 

Finally, you can add a description to your time entry.

When you’re done, click save.

You can also track your time using a one-tap mobile time tracker, available for iOS and Android. Read more about this app here

Manage time entries:

When you hover over a time entry you can see three icons: 

  • View more opens a drawer with detailed info about this time entry (also available by clicking on a time entry)
  • Splitting mode allows you to split your long time entry into shorter ones. It’s handy when you want to squeeze another time entry in. 
  • Trash bin icon is where you can click if you want to delete a time entry.

Remove time entries

You can remove time entries from the schedule by clicking on the trash bin icon - visible when you hover over a time entry or click on it. 

Note: Time entries recorded by your team members will appear in their timesheets as soon as they add them. Users with manager or owner permissions can edit any time entries.