Advice and answers from the Teamdeck Team

Adrianna Radzikowska
Written by Adrianna Radzikowska

General FAQ

Why resource management is important?

Thanks to resource management you can finish your projects on time by assigning the right people to the right tasks. How to do so? In Teamdeck you will find an answer. 

In our tool, you can 

  • easily find people with the right skill
  • check their availability
  • assign them to projects in a few seconds
  • calculate their payroll based on the timesheets
  • take care of their utilization
  • create teams and monitor their performance

How to start with Teamdeck?

Teamdeck in 6 steps:

STEP 1: In Teamdeck you can assign people to projects, manage vacations, track working time and create reports.

STEP 2: First - add projects. Go to settings > projects > click the plus icon > name the project and save it. That’s it!

STEP 3: Go to people (setting section) and by clicking the plus icon add a Team member or a Basic resource

STEP 4: Go to the calendar. There are 4 big rows that you can edit and 2 small rows, that are filled in automatically.

  • 1st row - bookings. Click and drag to add a project to the first person at your calendar. Select a project from the list. Define the time and click save. 
  • 2nd row - timesheets. Here by clicking and dragging you can add a real time spent on a project. You can do so at the end of a day or you can track your time using our mobile app and save the time entry automatically. 
  • 3rd row - availability. By default it’s 8 hours. If you want to edit the availability go to settings > people > click on a Team Member > Team Member settings > Will have to specify their hourly availability. 
  • 4th row - Vacation. Add vacation the same way you added a booking or a time entry. The request goes to your manager, all managers or one particular person ( it all depends on your company policy)

Now, two small rows: 

  • B/A - Bookings vs. Availability - The hours booked compared with the time available
  • T/A - Timesheets vs. Availability - The hours tracked compared with the time available.

STEP 5: In Teamdeck you can create powerful reports. You can use our templates (7 types of reports) or create your custom calculations. Our reports are based on an excel manner. 

STEP 6: Our pricing is really simple: one price for all features. You pay 3.99$ / per Team Member / per month. But first, start from the free trial!