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Artur Gutkowski
Written by Artur Gutkowski

Export FAQ

All necessary questions about the export

Is it possible to export the calendar view data?

You can export the schedule (bookings) and timesheets from your calendar by clicking on the cloud icon at the top right corner of your Calendar.

Can I download the timesheets of each team member for a particular project?

  1. Go to reports ➡️ click on a plus icon ➡️ choose Projects & Team overview Report template ➡️ Create from template.
  2. Add a filter by person name on either the first (Projects) or second (People) table to limit the results displayed in the table.
  3. Optionally change the grouping and add or remove metrics (columns) you want to include in the exported file using the table Metrics menu.
  4. Click the report table More Options menu and choose Export.
  • Export visible rows - only first-level and expanded rows are exported
  • Export all rows - all level rows are exported. Checking the option to export only the deepest level creates separate columns from level names. This option gives the best exporting format in most cases.

How can I export data from Teamdeck?

Create a report with relevant information and export it as a CSV file from the report table More Options menu.

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