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Joanna Lesiewicz
Written by Joanna Lesiewicz

Calendar FAQ

All necessary questions about Teamdeck calendar

Can I assign different working hours for each of the team members?

Go to settings ➡️ People ➡️ click on a chosen Team Member ➡️ Team Member Settings > Will have to define their hourly availability.

Go to the calendar and fill in the availability row. (Or ask a Team Member to do so.)

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How can I change organization working hours?

Go to settings ➡️ Organization ➡️ change hours in Working Hours table ➡️ scroll down and save.

Can I plan work for other members? Can I plan workflow for my Team?

Yes, you can plan the workflow, assign right people to right projects and define their availability.

There are 3 levels of permission in Teamdeck. In short: 

  • Regular Team Members can see their bookings, but they cannot edit or remove them.
  • Managers can add, edit and remove their own bookings, and assign bookings to other employees.
  • Owner has access to billing information and to the bookings of all other members. 

To plan workflow you should be the Manager or the Owner at your organization.

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Is there an option to setup recurring bookings?

You can duplicate the booking and change the date range in the calendar.

How can I add a new project and see the list of all existing projects?

To see all of your projects go to settings ➡️ projects. Here you can add, remove or edit them.

If you have a lot of projects both active and inactive, create a simple report from our templates.

Go to reports ➡️ click on a plus icon ➡️ choose my Organization report ➡️ Create from template.

You can remove the first table with Overtime. Below you will find 'Projects' table with all of them. By default report includes only active projects. To show both active and inactive projects, remove the filter.

Can I quickly move existing booking assigned to one Team Member to another? 

Click on a booking that you want to move ➡️ remove the person from Resource/Person ➡️ start typing in the name of the person that you want to assign ➡️ choose person ➡️ click save 

Can I split the booking?

You can split any booking or a time entry by clicking on scissors icon. 

How can I start a new project?

Go to settings ➡️ Projects ➡️ Click on a plus icon to add a new project

How to filter the calendar?

To filter the calendar click on Add Filter at the top of your calendar. You can save the filtered view or create a new one. Thanks to your custom views you can easily find resources working at same location, with the same seniority or skill, just by choosing the right view from the list. You can share the view within your organization or keep them private.

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Can I manage vacation in Teamdeck?

Yes, Teamdeck is a complete resource management tool! You can manage vacation straight from the Calendar. Find a row with the sun icon. Click and drag to choose a period of vacation. Next, choose a reason and send the request.

Who is responsible for accepting the request depends on your company policy. It can be one of the managers, all of them, or the owner of your organization. If you are a manager, you can add vacation to people.

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