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Aniela Danielak
Written by Aniela Danielak


Create your bookings taking into account upcoming milestones

To have a better overview of your planned work you can add milestones to your projects.

Milestones can be created either in Settings/Projects or directly in the calendar in the Projects view.

Adding milestones in the calendar

Go to your calendar view in Teamdeck and select Projects view. In the milestone row click on a selected date and a drawer will appear.

Fill out the milestone's name, start and end date, and add a description. Click Add milestone and save your changes.

You can add multiple milestones to one project.

Your milestones will appear in the calendar - in the Milestones row and as little dots next to each day included in the milestone.

Adding milestones in Settings

You can add milestones to new projects that you are creating as well as to existing ones. To do that go to Settings/Projects and click on an existing project or add a new project using the green plus sign in the bottom right corner. Then select the Milestones section and add the necessary information. Your changes will be visible in the calendar.

Please note that you can have multiple milestones happening at the same time in one project. 

To edit your milestone, hover over it and click on the pencil icon.